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The Good Shepherd


"Truly, truly I say to you, I am the door of the sheep." (John 10:7 NASB)

Jesus claims in the book of John that he is the "Good Shepherd." But Jesus also claims to be the door to the sheepfold. Have you ever looked up what a door to a sheepfold is? Well, a sheepfold was an enclosure with high stone walls and a door where the sheep would go in and out. Several flocks of sheep would be put in one sheepfold for safekeeping at night. The watchman would stand at the gate/door and only allow the shepherds of the sheep to enter in the morning to lead out his sheep. The "door" to the sheepfold is the place where shepherds and sheep were to enter and exit. If Jesus is the door to the sheepfold, then He is the place where shepherds and sheep can safely come in and out. A thief would never try to come by way of the door because he would not be allowed in by the watchman. A thief would come in some other way. Jesus calls Himself the "door" or the "gate" and the good shepherd. The door is the way in, so Jesus calls Himself the way to the sheep. The good shepherd is one who is known by his sheep, and they recognize his voice.

If you are called to be an under-shepherd (under Jesus), then your sheep will recognize you, and you will be followed by the sheep that belong to you. Also, if you are a sheep needing to follow a shepherd, then you will run from a shepherd that is not your own. Here lies the question to shepherds: if you are a good shepherd, then you will be allowed to get to your sheep by Jesus, who is the door. Your sheep will follow you because they recognize your voice. It is now your job to lead your sheep, protect your sheep, feed your sheep, and comfort your sheep. You are not a hirling that works only for money. You are the owner of the sheep who cares for the welfare of the sheep and lays down his life for the sheep. John chapter 10 talks about Jesus being our shepherd, but what is true of good shepherds is put in this chapter and is true of all shepherds of God's people. It is true of all pastures.


Dear Lord, please help your shepherds be good shepherds, as you are a good shepherd. Thank you, Lord, that you open the door to the sheep and allow only the good shepherds access to the sheepfold that you are always protecting.


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