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Sometimes the unknown Mechanic must open their own shop.

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Sometimes the best mechanics cannot get hired by a dealership. It is not because they are not good mechanics. If the shop manager does not respect the mechanic, then the mechanic will not work well at that particular dealership. Sometimes the best mechanics are not respected by the other mechanics at a dealership, or the other mechanics are jealous of the new mechanic because they had to work their way up to be the top mechanic and they do not want some newcomer coming into the shop and doing a better job or changing how things are done. The other mechanics do not care how good the new mechanic is, if he/ she has not "served their time." Why cannot a really well-trained mechanic be hired to work in any dealership that he/she want? Surely the costumers would love the work of this new expert mechanic. Cannot they show the shop manager how good they are and then get hired? No, not if he/ she has not been hired by another dealership before or worked their way up in that particular shop. The unknown mechanic must start their own shop and get their own costumers. The really great thing for this mechanic is that he/she can now work on any vehicle they want and is not limited to only the costumers that belong to a particular dealership.

`And so this mechanic started her own mechanic shop, except she works on repairing minds, wills and emotions and not cars.

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